Macrame Creations

My journey with macrame began on April 2019, when I saw all these amazing Instagram posts about Macrame. I was inspired to try to learn it myself and so, I did! I started learning the materials used, the different knots used so on and so forth. I created all kinds of Macrame stuff that I could sell or gift or to keep for my self. It's been a crazy ride, with my arms and back aching from knotting too much, but I would never ever replace Macrame with anything in this world. I created this page to showcase some of my Macrame Creations for you to view and enjoy!

Macrame Wall Hanging

Handmade pieces hung on walls, anywhere around the house.

On the top is the largest Macrame piece I've ever made, it took me three days to finish it. All of the driftwoods I used are from different places I went to. I handpicked them and took them home. Some of the places where I got them are the Grand Canyon, Muir Woods and South Padre Island.

Macrame Bouquet Holder

This photo is a Macrame Bouquet Holder I made. I have a hard time throwing away bouquet of flowers my special someone gives me on special ocassions. So, I always dry the flowers and display them. One thing I thought was cute is to make a bouquet holder for the dried flowers. It's a good way to keep these flowers longer.

Macrame Keychains

These are Macrame Keychains I made to gift to my closest girl friends and family. I love making these because they're the easiest ones to make and doesn't require too much rope! I can just whip one up and create an instant gift, especially when I want to make a friend feel extra special! I love seeing them hung these on their purses!

Macrame Shelf

This Macrame Shelf was made for a friend of mine who wanted something to be useful as well as being eye-catching. She wanted something she can dispplay in her bedroom and something she can put her books and plants on. And so, I made her this from woods she herself selected.

Macrame Lamp Shade

Our late aunt gave us a very beautiful vintage lamp. It was really old and the shade was dirty and there were a lot of stains on it. I wanted to create something special out of this gorgeous lamp, that's why I took off the cloth from the shade and used the shade's metal structure to make this amazing piece. It looks very different from day to night.